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Leadership capability has been misunderstood for many years. All our metrics drive development; they are scientifically based and are designed to improve commercial performance.

Complete Coherence believes that managerial and leadership capability has been misunderstood and mismeasured for many years.

Most modern management and leadership assessments fail because they don’t help you develop your capability as a leader; they just ‘pigeon hole’ you. We call this the Mismeasurement of Talent. We believe that there is a much richer and more useful way to assess talent.

Complete Coherence advocates an approach that uses a completely different methodology for the assessment of people – a more coherent talent assessment.

There are four rules of coherent talent assessment. We believe that each coherent assessment instrument has to be:


Commercially Relevant

Commercially relevant

There are hundreds of lines of human development that could be measured, but you need to select the ones that are relevant to your business.

Research Assessments

Research based

Many assessments are not grounded in a proper academic literature.

Differentiated assessments


It is vital to measure each line of development separately. Many assessments, in a bid to reduce length or complexity, mash together different phenomena in the same test.

Developmental assessments


Finally, the assessment instrument must be able to drive development. A good assessment should quantify the level of development you are at right now and what the next stage is.

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