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These apps can be used by individuals to improve their daily lives or in a business setting for new approaches to employee engagement and executive coaching.

A world with development at your fingertips

We believe vertical development to be the most important aspect to the advancement of society because it is literally the evolution of our consciousness and collective capabilities in action.

We want to make sure development is available to everyone, so we are preparing to launch an ecosystem of apps. Our first apps are focused on the physical, emotional and social lines of development and intelligence. We chose to tackle these lines first because our belief is the most important thing you can teach a human being is how to regulate their emotional state. It affects everything from decisions about what to have for dinner to the direction a CEO leads a multi-national organisation.

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Coherence Heart Trainer

Make Complete Coherence Your Default. 
Imagine being able to make coherence and brilliance your default setting. How much confidence would that give you? The Coherence Heart Trainer™ (CHT) was developed over the last eight years as a collaboration between Complete Coherence and with the world’s leading manufacturers of non-invasive cardiovascular technology. Now you can train your physiology to be in ‘complete coherence’ giving you the ability to realise your potential.

Benefits of using the CHT

  • Control your physiology and improve your HRV
  • Learn to rapidly control your emotional state
  • Identify what events disrupt your physiology
  • Track your own progress over time

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Universe of Emotions

Emotions drive our feelings, thoughts, behaviour and consequently the results we achieve ever second of every day. From choosing chocolate cake over salad, to business deal A over B, to who we choose to spend our lives with is all influenced by our emotions. Yet how many of us are aware of which emotions we are feeling and how it is affecting our choices. We aren’t taught this in school…not yet at least. This app will open up a whole new world of emotional awareness to you. To infinity…and beyond.

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