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Blog: Transforming lives

transforming lives

We know many people who have found great benefits in our approach to discovering who they are and using our developmental skills to unlock new levels of capability.  We see this most directly in our work with corporate clients.  But sometimes we hear from someone we’ve never even met, who has simply read our books or watched some of our videos. We love this kind of feedback because we are on a mission to reach as many people as we can, and that goes way beyond the corporate sector.

With that in mind I’d like to share the following story I received recently via our Facebook page. I found it truly inspiring and I hope you do too. Here’s the story:

“I am a 20-year-old originally from Bulgaria. I moved to the USA when I was 14 and was pretty much cut off from most if not all social life. I spent the first couple of years in my room playing video games and being detached from reality on a pretty high level. Thus, over time, I began to experience very intense panic attacks and detachment from myself and the world around me.

“Over five years (from age of 15 to age 20) I went through various medications which did nothing to improve my well-being, but did affect my wallet. I found I was unable to control my own thinking, feelings, emotions and physiology. This led me to experience even worse anxiety, depression, panic attacks and detachment from completely everything to the point that I had a hard time understanding things, and even felt like I was forgetting things as simple as my own name.

“Then I came across a video on YouTube called “How to hack your biology and be in the zone every single day”. I watched the entire video and at that moment everything that had been wrong with me made sense.

“I immediately started practicing the methods you explained and felt physical changes in my body and my brain, as well as my mood and my attitude. Over those years I believe that my breathing as well as my heart signals had become so imbalanced that I came to feel as if I had a heart condition. My exhaustion and lack of structured thinking and coherence now all made sense. I began to think with my body rather than my mind, and my mind understood what my body was trying to tell me. This stopped me overthinking everything as much. Overthinking had been a big cause of my panic attacks.

“I am sorry for making this so long, but one video really changed my life. I am truly happy that people like you exist who devote their lives to figuring things out.”

Do share your own stories of how coherence or any of our work has helped you. And I hope this story from Bulgaria inspires you as much as it has me.

Dr Alan Watkins

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Dr Alan Watkins

Alan is recognised as an international expert on leadership and human performance. He has a broad mix of commercial, academic, scientific and technological abilities.


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