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Stop blaming others and start owning the solution

Back in 2003, I was asked a question by my coach that changed the course of my career. 

The question:  What makes you think the organization is sexist?

With that question, and my inability to give a credible answer, something changed for me. I stopped attributing every slight, real or imagined, to sexist behavior in a male-dominated work place and instead started to reflect on how my own behaviors might be impacting on the outcomes I achieved. 

I observed myself and my colleagues more closely and realised that not only was I doing things that were limiting my impact within the organisation, I was failing to do things that would raise my profile and increase my credibility. 

Not attributing my failures to a sexist work environment changed my attitude and that change in attitude changed my behaviors, which in turn changed the impact I was able to have. 

So whenever we find ourselves attributing lack of recognition for our efforts to ageism, sexism, racism or any other “ism”, gather the evidence and review it. 

If there is clear, overwhelming evidence of bias, we should work out a plan to manage ourselves out of the situation we are in.  If the evidence is not clear or overwhelming, it’s time to be objective and honest about how our behaviour might be contributing to the outcomes we are achieving.  

From there, we can stop blaming others for our situation and instead take responsibility for our behaviour and for finding a solution.  

Check out our coaching and development services to find out how you can stop blaming others and start fixing things.

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Grainne McAnallen

Grainne McAnallen spent 10 years working in the world of hedge funds in London and New York. She was co-Head of US Equities at FRM, responsible for $1.6BN of US Long/Short Equity investments.

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