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Politics, Profits and Paradox

A Christmas Message from Dr. Alan Watkins

Well what a week in Westminster. Not so much a partridge in a pear tree more like four kingdoms un-united, three parties fighting, two divisive views and a premiership gone pear-shaped.

The Christmas spirit of peace and good will to all people is hard to find, let alone the three wise men. We are witnessing a toxic polarisation and some very deep divisions within parties, between parties, between generations and within the nation itself, not to mention the split between the UK and our neighbours in Europe. People are trying to force their views on each other with little understanding that such a move can only make things worse. It is difficult to escape the conclusion that politics is broken, possibly irretrievably. It has descended into a very ugly power battle and politicians seem unable to come up with any wise answers to the mess that they themselves have created.

It’s not just the UK political landscape that’s in a mess. Many other nation states are split in two with “us and them” thinking running rampant in the USA, Brazil, Italy, France, Spain, Poland and the Ukraine to name just a few.

If political leadership is broken and democracy is past its sell by date1 , we may need to turn to democracy’s commercial cousin, capitalism, for leadership. Perhaps business leaders can provide some wisdom, insight and hope for the future?

Unfortunately, since the global financial crisis of 2008, many business leaders are waking up to the realisation that there is also something profoundly wrong with our corporate model. While capitalism, like its cousin democracy, has delivered immense benefits to society over the last hundred years it too is struggling to cope with the immense changes most modern societies are facing.

In 2008 the flaws in capitalism were clearly exposed and the conversation in many corporations suddenly changed. Serious organisations started to talk of ‘Triple Bottom Lines2’, ‘Conscious Capitalism3’ and ‘Conscious Business4 ’. The academic community got involved and we saw a rash of books exploring ‘Post Capitalism5 ’, ‘Full Spectrum Economics6 ; ‘Sacred Economics7’, ‘Caring Economics8’ and the ‘Circular Economy9’. Some authors went further to describe what happens ’When the Money Runs Out10 ’ and how this may exacerbate the current drift towards greater ethnocentricity in ‘Every Nation for Itself’11. The basic realisation was that there are significant problems with the idea that business solely exists to generate profit and shareholder value12. Not least because it can foster greed13, and the pursuit of money can lead to fiscal irresponsibility and massive debt. America has been held up as the poster child for such short-termism and the corporate obsession with cash, to the exclusion of all else14.

The conclusion that is beginning to emerge in many corporations around the world is that a new model of leadership is required15. The command and control autocratic approach of the heroic CEO and even the meritocratic debate of a pragmatic leadership team simple can’t handle the accelerating pace of change sweeping through the commercial world.

We are now in unchartered waters. We are in the era of Paradox16. We are struggling to cope with the pace of change while simultaneously wrestling with ‘wicked’ problems that seem intractable17. We are experiencing political and economic divisions that are driving a deep wedge into our relationships while we are also engaging in much higher levels of social connectivity with each other. Many commentators have observed that if we don’t take more radical steps on climate change in the next thirty years we will face an extinction of humanity. There is a leadership emergency at the same time as the emergence of more enlightened leadership.

Whether we kill ourselves or cure our collective ills now hangs in the balance. If enough of us wake up to the emergency and wise up we can move beyond the ‘us and them thinking’ we are currently stuck with. And there’s no better time than Christmas to sit around the table and find ways to resolve our differences! If we embrace the spirit of the season we can find our North star which can illuminate a brighter future, together.




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Dr Alan Watkins

Alan is recognised as an international expert on leadership and human performance. He has a broad mix of commercial, academic, scientific and technological abilities.