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Paws for thought!

We all know that our individual wellbeing is important, but it also matters to organisations. Unfortunately few business leaders pay as much attention to it as they should. However, there was an occasion recently at Complete Coherence that made us really stop and think about it. 

We have always welcomed dogs to the office but typically there would just be one or maybe two dogs in at any time. Just recently, several members of staff happened to bring their dogs into work on the same day and it was interesting to see the response. The first thing I noticed were the immediate smiles on the faces of employees, and visitors to the office, as they met our pets in the workplace. Another interesting observation was the way in which having the dogs in the workplace promoted teamwork. It was fantastic to see people getting together at break times to take the dogs out for a walk. Our office is probably no different to many in that it is sometimes difficult to get people away from their desks for five minutes let alone enough time to take a 30 to 60-minute walk during the day. Pets in the workplace definitely help with this challenge. Not only does it encourage staff interaction as people in different teams get together to take the dogs out, it also ensures people are getting their daily steps in away from the office out in the fresh air.

There is increasingly a large amount of research on the subject of pets in the workplace and it is fascinating to read about the positive difference having pets around makes to productivity. Our experience definitely backs this up. With so much emphasis on wellbeing in the workplace, we are definitely encouraging companies of all sizes to look at the kind of culture they are trying to create and identify what that means for the happiness and wellbeing of the staff. A great example of this is Nestle who have had a Pets at Work policy for about 10 years now and have probably led the way in promoting this activity in the work place. In fact, they take it so seriously they have an authorisation process that pets have to go through to be allowed in the work place. A bit like hiring staff, they are selected and then have a probationary period after which they are fully ‘pauthorised’ to be in the office!

At Complete Coherence we are really proud to be the sort of organisation that is supportive of any initiative that promotes happiness and positive emotions in the workplace. We welcome babies, almost as soon as they are born, into the workplace (in fact it’s mandatory!). And we welcome dogs, not only to put a smiles on our faces but also to increase our productivity and promote healthier living for employees. What’s not to smile about!

Promoting wellbeing in the workplace can take many forms. Do get in touch to find out how to improve wellbeing in your workplace.

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Carol is passionate about making a difference and ensuring that Complete Coherence has the best practitioners to meet our clients needs.

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