Complete Coherence

How We Work

CEOs & Boards: We are currently working with more than 26 FTSE CEOs and Boards providing thought leadership on a range of critical commercial issues. We work individually with leaders, often becoming their confidante, helping them to make the big calls, develop much greater strategic clarity and take their top teams and organisations to a level they didn’t think possible.

Executive Teams: Transforming organisations requires the top 50-200 senior executives to work in a new way. About 60% of our work is focused on Senior Exec Teams. We work quarterly with each team to create a level of alignment, engagement and performance most have never experienced in their career.

HR Directors: We work closely with HR Directors and their teams on Talent Assessment, Leadership Development and Cultural Transformation. This really step changes the perception of the value of HR to the business.

Unique: All of this work is driven by our unique ability to use bio and neuro-sciences to identify the critical drivers of performance within your organisation and bring principles, processes and methodologies that transform results.

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Our Integrated Performance Model

“If you don’t control all levels of the human system you are at risk of poor performance or a loss of form. The Integrated Performance Model ensures we give you control of the real drivers of your success so you can deliver outstanding results every single day.”

Dr. Alan Watkins, CEO Complete Coherence

Why Us?

Virtually all the leaders and organisations with whom we work have tried a variety of approaches and methods to resolve the issues they face, or achieve the results they desire. We pick up from where you have already got to, build on what you’ve done and take it on to a whole new level of performance.

One of the reasons an increasing number of FTSE 250 companies are turning to us is we bring much higher definition diagnostic processes and tools to the problems faced. Our assessments enable us to provide richer, more detailed and more specific insights to individuals, teams and organisations. These High Definition Diagnostics are based on extensive scientific research, a deep understanding of the real physiological drivers of performance and our unique international cross-market commercial experience.

However, quality diagnostics are simply not enough. What really matters is measureable and sustainable change in a leader, team or organisation’s performance. Anything less and you are wasting your money.

We go beyond where most other consultancies finish, help you achieve two or three more levels of performance and what’s more we can measure the brilliance we deliver.

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