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No Limits

There are No Limits when it comes to giving back!

Supporting others is an integral part of our business at Complete Coherence and integral to the way we live our lives. I consider myself very lucky to live a privileged life, surrounded by wonderful people and opportunities. But others, through no fault of their own have not been so blessed. To support those who have not been so fortunate I volunteer as a Trustee for No Limits. No Limits is an amazing charity that provides life changing support to vulnerable individuals, under the age of 26, living in Southampton.

No Limits CharityNo Limits runs a number of projects to support children and young adults in need, including: supporting the homeless by providing them with food, warmth and a safe place to go;  guiding people into education, a job and a home; helping individuals with substance, drug and alcohol abuse; supporting teenagers through pregnancy and providing invaluable care to those who have suffered sexual and physical abuse, as well as countless other projects and support.

No Limits has an open door policy allowing it to provide free and confidential information, advice, counselling, support and advocacy to all young people in need. Young adults may arrive at the centres desperate, alone and with nothing. No Limits is able to provide them with clothing, food, a safe place and most importantly a support network when they need it most. The charity helps young people explore issues, which are affecting their lives, and enables them to solve problems and make informed decisions about their future.

Many of the amazing staff at No Limits came to the charity when they  were experiencing difficulties with their own lives and are now living examples of the life changing services provided by this charity. It is truly remarkable to see how No Limits has changed so many lives and continues to support these individuals throughout their life journey.

My role as a Trustee involves sharing the business knowledge and skills I have gained over numerous years (far too many to mention! J).  The role allows me to give back to society in a very practical way and I know my skills are valuable in continuing the growth of No Limits. In addition to donating my time, knowledge and experience, I am able to provide resources from the wider team at Complete Coherence such as providing facilitators for key meetings.   

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is defined by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) as the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large.  At Complete Coherence we do our utmost to adhere to this definition.  Certainly my work at No Limits is totally aligned with the latter two points. 

The reasons some CSR initiatives fail or you hear people talk about them as a box ticking exercise is that they are not seen as a by-product of doing business, but rather something that has to be complied with.  Just recycling batteries or paper or whatever it happens to be will have an impact, of course it will, however sustainable development that complies with the definition above is looking at CSR from multiple perspectives and taking action.  This is what we believe in at Complete Coherence; taking sustainable action in all areas of our day to day business lives. 

We fully support all our staff in contributing to the local community and society at large not just through the work we do on a daily basis but through all the extra-curricular activities they get involved in too.  This support is not always in monetary terms but by giving time and space during the working day to get involved in organisations like No Limits.  There is nothing more valuable you can give other than your time. 

Through my personal contribution at No Limits I have at times been shocked, heartbroken and devastated by the issues that surround young people in my beautiful hometown, but I have also been inspired, humbled and blessed to work with such resilient and humbling young people. To find out more about No Limits and how you can get involved visit their website.

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Carol Evans

Carol is passionate about making a difference and ensuring that Complete Coherence has the best practitioners to meet our clients needs.

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