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News: Facilitating political peace talks


political peace talksOn Thursday 13th October, Complete Coherence’s Dr Alan Watkins was referenced in the House of Lords Hansard by Lord Andrew Stone, in regards to his recent work facilitating political peace talks.

The exert from the House of Lords Hansard, 13 October 2016, Volume 774, column 2098 read;

“Two States One Homeland is a group of Palestinians and Israelis who concluded that the endless repetitive, divisive negotiations for the current two-state solution will not work. They realise that the two nations, each separately, hold deep convictions that all the land is their own sacred homeland. As the noble Lord, Lord Trimble, said, it is emotional. They now recognise the deep-felt narrative of the other side and are dealing with them as neighbours. They offer two states, each with their own separate constitutional settlement, but in one homeland in the form of a confederation, with a separate jointly agreed constitutional arrangement that allows for freedom of movement, distinguishes between “residency” and “citizenship”, and will manage the co-ordination of education, health, welfare, policing, security, economics and ecology.

The complex conversations they are holding on the ground, people to people, require great sensitivity and expertise, which we have here in the UK. The Crowd Foundation here, led by Alan Watkins, has been helping with this facilitation. A UK Government-funded extended visit of their team to the region to manage meetings with all concerned would greatly help to move things forward.”       

The wider out-reach work Alan carries out as co-author of Crowdocracy alongside Iman Stratenus, founder of the Crowd Foundation, is part of our mission to develop leaders across the globe and enable them to reduce the suffering of humanity by making much better decisions. 

Outside of the political space, we work with teams from a variety of industries, through feedback from our clients we are confident we can help the teams we work with to:

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