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News: Crowdocracy gets House of Lords’ attention


In a remarkable debate on 19th January 2017 in the House of Lords, Lord Stone of Blackheath, brought the benefits of Crowdocracy to the attention of our political leaders.

Lord Stone highlighted the faults in our current democratic world: It is a system failure and it creates democratically elected authoritarians and dysfunctional coalitions.”

This failure make people feel disillusioned. As Lord Stone explained: “They feel that their voice no longer counts. Politics has become deeply polarised. The strong centre has evaporated. Both sides now tout their own version of us versus them; the left is often misperceived as anti-business, the right as xenophobic.”

The solution? Lord Stone said that we need, a better future system with a new political platform that actually establishes Abraham Lincoln’s ideal of, ‘government of the people, for the people and by the people’.”

And the solution is Crowdocracy. “The crowd can be wiser and make much better decisions than any single representative or group of elected officials.” Revealed Lord Stone. 

While Crowdocracy needs to be properly managed, Lord Stone believes this should not put us off, but instead “it should spur us to modernise more speedily and expertly and use this new technology … If we use this technology correctly and access diversity of knowledge and opinion, ensuring that people are in possession of accurate information, we would foster independence of thought and collaboration, decentralise power, and integrate the collective input into coherent crowd-sourced solutions. We could harness the wisdom of the crowd for the good of the many, not just the few.”

I was delighted to hear this endorsement of a philosophy that has become something of a passion of mine. I wholeheartedly agreed with Lord Stone, when he said: “We have a historic opportunity to transform ourselves from cynical and suspicious spectators and to all become genuine participants and actors in the governance of our community and of society at large.”

To understand more about Crowodocracy and how it could transform society, read my book: Crowdocracy – The end of politics?

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Dr Alan Watkins

Alan is recognised as an international expert on leadership and human performance. He has a broad mix of commercial, academic, scientific and technological abilities.


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