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My mum, coherence and me



At Complete Coherence we’ve have been looking into the effect that Heart Rate Variability (HRV) on business performance for over 18 years. It’s a matter very close to our hearts (sorry for the pun!). It’s also a fundamental part of our work with leaders as we help them improve their resilience and capacity.

Luckily for me, my family and friends are keen to hear about my work and the techniques we use in our coaching sessions, in particular how we coach people to maintain ‘coherence’.

So, when my Mum called me earlier this week to tell me about her most recent corporate medical exam I was concerned – why was she calling me to tell me about her medical exam? What was wrong? Panic struck! She explained that the session was one hour long and focused on all the usual tests; personal medical history, lifestyle questionnaire, height and weight measurements, body mass index (BMI) calculation etc. She then said: “When they had completed all the tests they said something very surprising…”
Oh no, I thought.

“The physician asked to test my coherence!” Wait? What?

My mum told me that after they measured her coherence (she scored a spectacular 85%) the Doctor explained that coherence underpins emotional regulation and as a result performance – I nearly fell off my chair! It’s exactly what we talk about all the time in our executive coaching work.

That medical organisation is now advising businesses that coherence is vitally important in performance. Furthermore, if the individual scores a low coherence percentage they are told that their capacity for mental focus could be improved. This message is completely aligned with what we teach our clients every day and most importantly how we try to live our own lives.

If you want to find out what coherence can really do for your performance why not watch Dr Alan Watkin’s TEDx Talk – Being Brilliant Every Single Day

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Ceri Stokes

Ceri Stokes is dedicated to helping her clients define what makes the greatest difference in the shortest time frame, to deliver their commercial objectives. Ceri has a first class degree in Human Biology and began her career at a Sunday Times Fast track 100 company. Since joining Complete Coherence she has developed into a coach and facilitator, working with clients in academy, team and individual settings.

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