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Blog: Make a new year resolution to have more energy

Make a new years resolution to have more energy

You made it!  You got through Christmas, but you may be feeling pretty exhausted. The gift shopping, house decorating and party planning have taken their toll, and that’s without the end of year work projects you had to rush to get done. It’s no wonder we often start the New Year with a lack of energy. This year, make your New Year resolution to have more energy, all year.

Key to increasing your energy levels is to train your biology, and more specifically your Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

How to hack your biology:

Your HRV offers an amazing insight into your energy levels and controlling your HRV is the key to having more energy. HRV can be best improved via regulating your breathing. A rhythmic breathing pattern is the key, not deep breathing.

Although we take breathing for granted because we don’t have to think about it, research shows that to be most coherent and energy-giving, three aspects of breathing are most important. In order, they are:

To help you to achieve increased energy levels, we created the Coherence Heart Trainer. This simple app (used with an ear clip heart monitor) uses live bio feedback to help improve your energy and enter a more coherent state. You use an earpiece plugged into your phone/computer. Essentially, it works like a traffic light system. When red lights up – internally you are in a chaotic state. When it’s green, you are in a coherent state. If you do this 10 mins in morning and 10 mins at night, within a few weeks, you’ll start to notice the positive changes in clarity of thinking, and most importantly, at this time of year, energy.

Download the Coherence Heart Trainer app for Apple devices

Download the Coherence Heart Trainer app for Android devices

Buy the ear clip to use with the Coherence Heart Trainer

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