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4D Leadership

4D Leadership – Competitive Advantage Through Vertical Leadership Development

Twenty years ago the accumulation of skills, knowledge and experience (‘horizontal development’) was sufficient for business success. Today, it’s not. 4D Leadership – Competitive Advantage Through Vertical Leadership Development, offers a new approach of ‘vertical development’.

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Leadership Values Profile™


Many businesses now accept that culture is a critical driver of organisational success. As a result executive boards often decide to drive a cultural transformation by rolling out a new set of company values across the business. Such top down approaches rarely work because they fail to acknowledge the current value systems at play. Similarly many team tensions are mistakenly thought to be due to personality clashes when in reality they are a result of  differences in value systems.

It is essential to understand the value systems that already exist if we want to transform either organisational or team performance. The Complete Coherence Leadership Values Profile (LVP) precisely defines the value systems within an individual leader, team, division or organisation. 

Academic research over the last 40 years has confirmed there are only really eight value systems on the planet each one evolving from the previous one in an increasingly sophisticated level of development. Every value system has its upside and its downside. While no one value system is any better than any other the more sophisticated value systems provide the potential for individual leaders, teams and organizations to be much more successful.

Our Leadership Values Profile (LVP) reveals an individual’s current value system and identifies how to leverage their capabilities into measurable progress for themselves, their team and their organisation.


Scientific basis

The LVP is based on 40 years of research from multiple academics such as Geert Hofstede and Shalom Schwartz. It leans most heavily of the work of Professor Clare Graves and his Spiral Dynamics model.


Online questionnaire, 42 questions, ~20 mins to complete.

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