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Leadership Maturity Profile™ (LMP)


Our ability to lead effectively in a rapidly changing commercial world is hugely influenced by our level of maturity. If we can only see the world from one, ego-centric vantage point then we may be able to drive things forward rapidly in an autocratic way but we may struggle to take others with us. This can result in ‘organisational treacle’ as others passively or actively resist what we are trying to achieve.

Mature leaders are much more adept at integrating multiple perspectives, keeping others on board and aligning teams at speed. The good news is that is is possible to quantify a leader’s level of ego maturity. This can be extremely useful in predicting their potential and whether they will succeed if promoted.

Quantifying ego maturity

Our Leadership Maturity Profile (LMP) draws on over 40 years of rigorous academic research and can determine the an individual’s level of maturity. This is done through a questionnaire that asks individuals to respond to a series of sentence stems. Advanced computational mathematics then identifies which of the 12 levels of ego maturity a leader is operating at and what their next level of development would be.

The LMP clearly reveals what capability and performance could be unlocked by development  to the next level. It also identifies exactly why a leader may struggle with certain commercial situations or market challenges. 

The LMP is particularly powerful when used in conjunction with our Leadership Values Profile (LVP) and our Leadership Network Analysis (LNA) in building a robust talent management process.


Leaders who develop greater maturity:

Scientific basis

The LMP is based on years of research into ego maturity by Jane Loevinger, Ken Wilber, Susan Cook-Greuter, Bill Torbert, Terri O’Fallon and several other academics.


Online questionnaire, 36 questions, ~45 mins to complete,  individually hand scored and written report.

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