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Fast-track team performance

Warwick Brady- COO, FTSE 100

We had a group of individuals who were working in silos, they were blaming each other. There was a low level of trust, everyone was really tired and no one could see the wood for the trees. I had to start with the top team, which was not working well.

preview-warwick-brady09-150x150-2Alan helped us to open up to each other, work better together and to make decisions as a team. It wasn’t an easy process. We had some knotty issues to sort out, conflicts were brought to a head, but if we hadn’t gone through that pain, those issues would still be festering today.

It worked. Within six months, we had stabilised the operation. Within 12 months we had not only fixed the problem with on time performance (OTP), we had became number one in the industry. We had fixed the core. 

Today my top team is predominantly made up of the same people as it was back in the dark days. We went from being the worst performing airline to being the best. Now the team is well respected and operating like a well-oiled machine. All of this was down to the singular focus on OTP and our teamwork. We spend lots of time together as a team. We come together as a team for planning, thinking and working together. It’s been a remarkable journey for everyone. There are no functional silos, we have genuine multi-functional working and our big handlers and partners have even become part of that culture.

Everyone rallied around the single focus on OTP. We created a structure that fixed the problem. We continue that focus today and it starts from first thing in the morning.

We come together every day of the year to review how the day has started and to review any other issues from the day before. We also have weekly, monthly and quarterly cycles of meetings. In those quarterly meetings, Alan coaches us to ensure that the team is working as efficiently and effectively as it possibly can.

In my experience, it normally takes around five years for teams to operate at the level of trust and co-operation we have reached, with Alan we did it in six months. We had a burning platform and we fast tracked the team problem. Within two days, we had gained a year. We stopped avoiding conflicts and brought them to a head. I now have a team that we are all proud of that is delivering stellar performance.”