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Coherence Heart Trainer FAQ

On completion of purchase, the manual will be sent to you via email with your confirmation order
The difficulty scale alters how accurate each individual breath you take needs to be, in order to gain Coherence. Therefore, if you have it set to easy, the tolerance of the breath pacer is much more mild.
It takes no longer than 30-60 seconds to get signal from the ear clip. If after this time you are not receiving adequate signal, gently remove the ear clip, close the application fully and begin the process again taking each step in the order listed. As long as each step is carefully followed you should receive full signal from the device.
This may be due to cold weather affecting the temperature of your ear lobe. Gently massage the ear lobe to increase blood flow which will make it easier for the device to get a good reading. This could also be due to the earclip being out of battery. We advise that you always ensure that your earclip is sufficiently charged before use.
This means the smartphone/tablets Bluetooth has not been activated. Please visit the devices settings and switch Bluetooth on. Please note, do not search for the CHT clip through the settings on your device at this time. If you do pair to the device directly from your settings, please select forget this device and then proceed to pair via the CHT app.
The Heart Rate Spectrum tells you what the main contributions to your heart rate variability are. If you are coherent, your main contribution should be coming from your breathing, which is around 6 breaths per minute = 0.1 Hz. If you are incoherent/chaotic, then all the other noise in your body such as anxiety, reactions, etc. is contributing to your HRV and making it less “clean” (looks more spiky and less like a smooth curve). So when you are coherent all the “power” of your HRV is in the range of breathing (0.1 Hz), but if you are incoherent the HRV is being driven by lots of external factors out of your control.
The CHT works very closely with the products we recommend to ensure the greatest accuracy of data is received. We therefore only recommend using our app with the products recommended on our website. To see these, please click here Recommended Products
When you first start the app, the CHT hasn't collected enough HRV data to produce an accurate coherence score. Therefore, for approximately the first 60 seconds the CHT estimates your coherence score from fluctuations in HRV second by second. We therefore recommend that users allow for ~60 seconds for the CHT to begin calculating an accurate coherence score.
The CHT app is not compatible with the camera on any devices. Cameras can be used to accurately measure heart rate although they are not good at capturing heart rate variability which is what the CHT app is using to calculate your coherence. Gathering HRV data requires greater precision than that what is available from a camera lens.