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News: Crowdocracy at the House of Lords

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  

crowd v2On Wednesday 21st September approximately 50 people from nine different Kent stakeholder groups met at the Archbishop’s Room in the House of Lords, Westminster, London to explore how to improve the system that manages unaccompanied asylum seeking children arriving in the UK. The meeting was kindly hosted by Lord Andrew Stone, convened by Dr Ana Draper and facilitated by Complete Coherence’s Dr Alan Watkins and Iman Stratenus of The Crowd Foundation

Hundreds of unaccompanied children arrive in the UK, traumatised from the horrors of war in their country and also by their perilous journey to the UK. They are then left to navigate the complex asylum seeker legal process, with limited support and disconnected services. The event brought together stakeholders from across the issue, assembled to discuss cross-agency solutions to the crisis.

Alan Watkins facilitated the event and offered a framework for how the participants could interact to optimise the chances of achieving an outcome that could take the crowd beyond a simple sharing of views. He introduced how ‘Crowdocracy’ works as a process to serve the interests of the crowd and facilitate the emergence of wisdom. All too often when a crowd of stakeholders get together the conversation degrades into a polarised standoff, or the answers generated are unenlightened or what emerges is a consensual average that fails to improve the system for any of the stakeholders.

Using the process of Crowdocracy, in just a few hours the main questions of the issue were identified and the community will now use an online tech platform to move this issue forward and allow the community to take ownership of the process.

This event is part of the wider outreach work we do outside our corporate business, in line with our mission to create cultural and social change for the benefit of all.


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