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News: Crowdocracy hits Los Angeles

LAThe Icelandic Pirate Party, one of Europe’s most popular political groups has hit the headlines across the pond, featuring in an article in the Los Angeles Times. The Pirate Party continues the vogue to return power to the people and it this new vision for democracy that warrants a reference in the article to Complete Coherence’s Alan Watkins and Iman Stratenus’ latest book – “Crowdocracy”.

Pirate Party supporters conceive of a world without lobbyists, bureaucrats and career politicians and envisage major legislation – on subjects as varied as taxes, copyrights and foreign affairs – being proposed by ordinary people and voted on in a national referendum. This is a movement built on the idea that a new culture of technology can breed civic engagement and government accountability – and allow for a more direct form of democracy.

This links very closely to the critical ideas explored in “Crowdocracy” – who decides our future and how should we be governed? And a copy of the book sits ubiquitously on the coffee table of the Pirate Party headquarters.

“The old system is not totally going to blow up, but we can shift responsibility from the close-knit circle of the political elite to the people themselves,” said Finnur Gunnthorsson, a local Icelandic Pirate Party leader.

“Crowdocracy” offers a radical new way forward, one that allows all of us – not just some of us – to participate in how we are governed. Using technology and the insights of crowd wisdom, we can replace our elected officials and ultimately shape and govern our communities. The Icelandic pirates have focused on reforming the amorphously written and much criticized constitution, relaxing Internet copyright standards, increasing government transparency and accountability and remedying income inequality. In the process of doing all this, they could also provide a laboratory – and an inspiration – for Pirate Parties elsewhere. 

Click here to read the full article featured in the Los Angeles Times



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