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Complete Coherence @ Changeboard Future Talent Conference

changeboard awv2We thoroughly enjoyed this year’s Changeboard Future Talent Conference. It was a day full of thought provoking conversations and a lot of laughs, not least thanks to the amazing Lenny Henry!

In the afternoon, Alan Watkins, Complete Coherence’s CEO, ran an interactive session with Alastair Campbell and Geoff McDonald about the importance of mental health, and what businesses can do to help break the stigma.

Here are our key take-aways from the session.

Stand up v2Mental Health affects us all

The session began with Alan candidly sharing how mental health has affected his life, and then addressing the room. Everyone was asked to stand up, and then remain standing if they have personally been affected by mental health, either their own or a loved one’s. Most of the room remained standing. It was wonderful to be in the company of so many people who understand how important it is to talk about mental health.


Not a breakdown but a breakthrough

Geoff McDonald interestingly encouraged us to rethink a breakdown as a breakthrough. Using the term breakdown evokes negative feelings, but Geoff and Alastair explained that they see the moment their mental ill health was at its worst, as a breakthrough and something they were proud of. Their key point was that if we re-frame the way we think and talk about mental ill health, then we can reframe the way society views it.

Energy is your greatest resource

In our day to day lives we all think about the resources available to us. These are normally time and money. It’s not often people think about their energy, even though energy is the greatest resource you have and by managing energy you can manage your mental health.

A lot of us with high pressured roles feel exhausted at the end of a day even though our roles require minimum physical energy. In fact, we are continually using emotional energy to sustain ourselves and when that runs out, mental health can suffer. And it’s not just about our working lives, Alan pointed out that we need to start early and teach children about energy management, through emotional development and resilience.

There’s no need to whisper

It was so fantastic to see three people on stage openly discussing how mental health has impacted their lives. The stigma around mental health was not in the room with us, but unfortunately it does still exist, especially in the workplace. All of the speakers said that it is time to stop labelling people with mental health issues and remove the associated stigma. As Alastair pointed out, having dealt with mental health makes you stronger and more resilient, and that’s the kind of person we all want in the workplace.

Health and Safety – all the money’s gone to Safety!

Healthy and safety initiatives are a standard part of every workplace, but the speakers challenged us to ask why safety has had all the focus, whereas health had to make do with a few bananas in the canteen! The focus needs to swing to move our attention back to health – more specifically mental health.

All of this aligned perfectly with our focus at Complete Coherence. We run and design programmes that give people the skills needed to increase emotional resilience, and manage energy. If you’re on the lookout for a wellbeing programme to ensure mental health is a key agenda for your business, get in touch.


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Ceri Stokes

Ceri Stokes is dedicated to helping her clients define what makes the greatest difference in the shortest time frame, to deliver their commercial objectives. Ceri has a first class degree in Human Biology and began her career at a Sunday Times Fast track 100 company. Since joining Complete Coherence she has developed into a coach and facilitator, working with clients in academy, team and individual settings.

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