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4D Leadership

4D Leadership – Competitive Advantage Through Vertical Leadership Development

Twenty years ago the accumulation of skills, knowledge and experience (‘horizontal development’) was sufficient for business success. Today, it’s not. 4D Leadership – Competitive Advantage Through Vertical Leadership Development, offers a new approach of ‘vertical development’.

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Core Story

Leadership Vertical Development- Complete Coherence

Vertical Development

What most organisations think of as development is actually learning. It is the acquisition of skills, knowledge and experience. While, this ’horizontal’ learning is still very important, it is not the same as ‘vertical’ development.

4 quad

World Class Leadership Model

  The most brilliant leaders in the world realise that there are four main areas that they need to focus on in order to deliver outstanding results. Unfortunately most leaders spend 80-95% of their time focused solely on commercial performance in the top left hand quadrant and do not build a system around themselves that frees themselves …Read more

Differentiated assessments

Lines and Levels

  Assessment of different lines of development uncover different leadership assets and capabilities. The video above explains what these critical lines of development are. The first 5 lines of development Dr Watkins talks about are internal, therefore to help you achieve success they need to be manifested externally through your behaviour, your networks and your impact. The …Read more


Talent Management

How do you decide who to promote? Get it wrong and it can massively slow down a team and organisation. The easy part is looking at their performance to date, knowing what they have done, however, a promotion as to be forward looking. You have to try to assess the potential of a leader to step into the new role. So what do you measure to actually know you can promote them 1 or 2 levels and they will succeed.

Leadership Network Analysis- complete Coherence Leadership Development

Leadership Network Analysis

The buzzword at the moment seems to be networks but no one seems to understand how to get meaningful data from them. We researched the topic and found the most important metrics to look at when analysing your organisation network as well as some other things you ought to know about them. One client called it our software the “Holy grail” because it helps focus investment and get powerful analysis of organisation effectiveness.

Mismeasurement of talent

The Mismeasurement of Talent

Recently reading Stephen Jay Gould’s masterful tome, The Mismeasure of Man, I was struck by how often people who measure aspects of personality or human functioning, can get it so completely wrong. Such mismeasurement can have devastating consequences, as Gould chronicles. His book brilliantly details how, when the fundamental assumption about what is being measured …Read more

Unleashing the potential of teams

Unleashing the potential of teams

I’ve been asked a few times about a quote on the cover of my book. Warwick Brady, the COO at easyJet, is quoted on how working with me has sped up the development of his team’s performance – cutting the team building process from five or six years down to just six months. This blog …Read more