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4D Leadership

4D Leadership – Competitive Advantage Through Vertical Leadership Development

Twenty years ago the accumulation of skills, knowledge and experience (‘horizontal development’) was sufficient for business success. Today, it’s not. 4D Leadership – Competitive Advantage Through Vertical Leadership Development, offers a new approach of ‘vertical development’.

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ona dead big

The org-chart is dead: bridges, bottlenecks and everything in between

Connectivity is no longer defined by reporting lines – employees connect up, down and across departmental boundaries for functional, social and strategic reasons. This interconnectivity is not reflected in the traditional organisation structure and, if anything, is hindered by it.


Body image and emotions: what’s the connection?

Our views of our body image – what’s on the outside – are directly affected by our emotions on the inside.

ONA Marketing (2)

Podcast: Organisational Network Analysis and the future of HR

“In a world where we need speed, hierarchies have to be challenged. Working collaboratively through networks is essential for the future.”


Why Wellbeing Initiatives Fail … And What You Can Do About It

Organisational spend on wellbeing continues to rise, but despite pouring more cash into the issue and a massive increase in the profile of mental health in particular, the problem if anything appears to be worse.

Politics, Profits and Paradox

Well what a week in Westminster. Not so much a partridge in a pear tree more like four kingdoms un-united, three parties fighting, two divisive views and a premiership gone pear-shaped.


Coaching for better decision-making

Sue Graham Johnston, former head of RBU UK / Ireland / Africa at the Linde Group shares her experiences of coaching with Complete Coherence.


The robots are coming – AI anxiety: Why you’re not alone and what you can do about it

It’s no wonder people feel anxious. Faced with predictions that 20-50 percent of all jobs will disappear as a result of developments in artificial intelligence (AI) over the next 10-30 years, we would all be forgiven for being concerned about the future. The headlines might be doom-laden, but I am much more optimistic, and here’s why …

changeboard awv2

Complete Coherence @ Changeboard Future Talent Conference

We thoroughly enjoyed this year’s Changeboard Future Talent Conference. It was a day full of thought provoking conversations and a lot of laughs, not least thanks to the amazing Lenny Henry! In the afternoon, Alan Watkins, Complete Coherence’s CEO, ran an interactive session with Alastair Campbell and Geoff McDonald about the importance of mental health, and what businesses can do to help break the stigma. Here are our key take-aways from the session.


Making graduate programmes fit for the future

We invited nine leaders from different organisations to share their experiences and views on graduate development. Here are the insights we gathered from the collective wisdom of the participants.

European ‘wickedness’ needs us to be wise not dumb

European ‘wickedness’ needs us to be wise not dumb

    Walking into work on Friday morning I saw people punching the air in triumphal excitement, while others sobbed. Depending on which way you voted, Brexit is either great news or terrible news. The truth is far more complex.  The scale and complexity of this issue is so huge that no one can really …Read more

Why the last question a CEO is ever asked could be the most important

Why the last question a CEO is ever asked could be the most important – how do you feel?

Read or watch any interview with a CEO and it will be all about performance of the business, profitability, growth, future plans, etc.

The recipe for a happy life

The recipe for a happy life

What’s your recipe for a happy life? If you’re like most people it will be something like … if I have enough money, I’ll be able to do want I want and then I’ll be happy.

Negotiation success is all about accessing another dimension of leadership

Negotiation success is all about accessing another dimension of leadership

Negotiation skills workshops have to be one of the most popular training courses in recent corporate history. Executives sign up hoping to acquire all sorts of skills and manoeuvres to get a great deal.

Are you overwhelmed by the competing priorities of your job

Are you overwhelmed by the competing priorities of your job? The answer could lie in the fourth dimension

We know that we live in a world of rapid change. No sooner is one market established, than a new entrant comes in to disrupt the short-lived status quo and it’s making CEOs nervous and overwhelming many leaders.

4D Featureed Image

Why do we need another leadership book?

Having just written a leadership book I was delighted by this pretty provocative question that a colleague put to me recently. “There are so many leadership books around already, why add another to the list by writing 4D Leadership?” she asked.   Paradoxically my answer was “Because there are so many leadership books around.” Let …Read more

Wicked and wise quote

Some problems are ‘well wicked’ … what can we do?

Many of the problems we face in the world today are beyond complicated. It makes finding a solution a real challenge.


GB Paralympic Shooting Team

Watch a day in the life of Complete Coherence preparing the GB Paralympic shooting team for Rio 2016

Jeremy Vine

Dr Alan Watkins on BBC 2 radio – Bus standoff

On Wednesday 7th of October Dr Alan Watkins was invited into the BBC 2 radio studios. The topic of this interview was between two drivers blocking off a road and neither would give way to one another.

L2B 4

54 miles towards four great causes – after the ride

We made it! A huge thank you to everyone who sponsored us, we cycled the distance from London to Brighton in under 6 hours which we were both delighted with. We also raised over £2,000 for our 4 nominated charities and would like to thank everyone for their support, we really couldn’t have done it …Read more

Leanne and Maryam

54 miles towards four great causes

At Complete Coherence we are really focused on giving back to the community and supporting those who have supported us at the lowest of times. Nine months ago Carol’s daughter, Kelly, was severely injured when a horse kicked her in the head at her local stables. Kelly was treated at Southampton General Hospital on the …Read more

TEDxPortsmouth – Dr. Alan Watkins – Being Brilliant Every Single Day (Part 3)

Future Talent Conference

Become a highly emotional and socially intelligent leader

Become a highly emotional and socially intelligent leader

We’ve explored the misunderstanding that you can take emotions out of business and indeed, explained how emotions are actually essential to decision-making.

Decision making relies on emotion

Decision making relies on emotion

In an earlier blog, I explored the misunderstanding that you can take emotions out of business. I now want to explain just how essential emotions are to decision-making.

Is business rational or emotional

Is business rational or emotional?

As misunderstandings go one of the most consistent and profound misunderstanding is the one about emotions.


Creating a happy place at the darkest of times

I spent much of the end of 2014 in an intensive care unit. My 18-year old daughter was in a coma having been kicked in the head by a horse.

Changeboard conference

Changeboard conference- Tech driven human development

Dr Alan Watkins gave the first public demonstration of the new Complete Coherence app – Universe of Emotions – at the Changeboard Future Talent Conference 2015.

Map Skill



Event: Dr Alan Watkins at TEDx Oxford

Dr Alan Watkins talked about the importance of coherence and emotional literacy at last weekend’s TEDx event in Oxford (January 2015).

Alan Watkins

Dr Alan Watkins to present at CIPD Annual Conference

Dr Watkins takes vertical development and coherence to a HR audience later this year at the CIPD Annual Conference in Manchester, on 5th November 2014. His session covers key topics such as: Leveraging your biology to permanently enhance performance  The critical difference between learning and development Practical techniques to strengthen a leader’s decision making Limited spaces are …Read more

Alan Watkins

Keynote presentation from Dr Alan Watkins at IEBC, Dublin (23 October 2014)

Hear Dr Alan Watkins in person at the IEBC Annual HR Leadership Summit in Dublin, Ireland on 23 October 2014. Dr Watkins’ session entitled ‘Your brilliance every day: the biological basis of leadership’ promises to reveal the the science behind leadership. He will explain how the best leaders in the world think about leadership and …Read more


Future of Talent Interview with Dr Alan watkins

Dr Alan Watkins interview after keynoting at Future of Talent Conference hosted by Changeboard (August 2014).     


Event: Dr Alan Watkins keynotes at Changeboard Future of Talent

Dr Alan Watkins’ keynote presentation at this Changeboard event on 9th July 2014 was entitled ‘How to be wired for successful futures’. In the session, Alan shared insights into the importance of vertical development to higher levels of performance. He also used a live demonstration of a Heart Rate Variability (HRV) assessment to demonstrate how …Read more

Emotional Intelligence

Click here to download Emotional Intelligence   


HR Review: Don’t be a victim of stress, be response-able

Dr Alan Watkins article featured in December 2013 HR Review


Forbes article on coherence book

Article in Forbes Magazine December 2013 about Dr Alan Watkins new book Coherence: The Secret Science of Brilliant Leadership.