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Brilliance without burnout?

Can we improve our resilience and capacity, and achieve brilliance without burnout? The answer is yes.

successful person brillianceBurning the candle at both ends to keep up with the increasing pressures, expectations and pace of modern life is a familiar tale. When you feel like your to-do list is multiplying, more than likely your answer is to put more hours in. You tell yourself: ‘I’ll just work this one weekend until the project is finished’ or ‘I’ll just skip that lunch break to save time’.

Like the metaphorical swan, you’re frantically paddling beneath the surface to appear as if you’re effortlessly gliding on the lake. Unfortunately, that frantic paddling is not as hidden as you might imagine. To your colleagues, family and friends, you are becoming more and more stressed, more and more disconnected, and your performance and health starts to falter as a result.

And you’re not alone, remember Lloyds’ boss António Horta Osório, who in 2011 had to check into a clinic due to severe stress and burnout. His desire to push himself further and further in the name of success led to what he called a ‘personal crisis’, and a huge drop in share price for his organisation.

Why do we start to sacrifice work-life balance and health? It may be a fear of failure, the intense desire to be successful or a sense that we want to be the ‘hero’ at work. We may even have idolized the leader who somehow survives on two hours sleep, runs marathons, parties hard, and yet seems to be the last person to leave the office at night.

Here are our three top tips for achieving brilliance without burnout:

  1. Change your physiology

It all starts with your physiology. If you panic, you directly affect your heart rate which sends chaotic signals throughout your body, making you less able to deal with the panic. Getting regular breathing exercises into your routine will help you deal with stress and panic before it can impede your performance.

  1. Be aware of your emotions

A lot of us do not use our bodies to make a living, so why do we come home feeling so tired? It’s not physical assertion that’s tiring us, it’s mental or more accurately it’s emotional. By letting feelings such as worry or attachment manifest themselves as negative emotions in our body, we are allowing external circumstances to take complete control of our lives. Instead if we sense an emotion taking over us, we could SHIFT focus to a positive emotion or a more neutral one. We can then stop ourselves from leaking energy.

  1. Stop leaking energy

This is very closely linked to the previous two tips – being aware of our emotions and being able to control our physiology. A practical solution to help with all these skills is to start creating an energy-bank throughout each day.  What are your deposits i.e. what gives you energy each day? What are your withdrawals i.e. what drains your energy each day? Once you have done this a few times you will probably start to notice patterns. If nothing in your working life gives you energy, are you in the right job? If the project you just handed over gives you the most energy, should you take it back and hand over something else?

To find out more tips and tricks contact us or follow our Linkedin page.


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