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Blog: What’s the key ingredient for a successful team?

What’s the key ingredient for a successful team?

It has been an Olympic fiesta like never before for Britain: their best medal haul in 108 years, second in the medal table, the only host nation to go on to win more medals at the next Olympics. Liz Nicholl, CEO of UK Sport, has declared that Britain is now a “sporting superpower”. But what is the key ingredient for a successful team?

Competing at the Olympics is the ultimate achievement for any athlete, it requires dedication, focus and discipline. All of this combined with a world class team of physio’s, nutritionists and coaching professionals, but on the day it comes down to how you perform as an individual. So how do you deal with that, when you are a part of a team and one team members mistake can cost you everything you have ever dreamed of?

The key ingredient to any successful partnership and team is trust, we saw the perfect example of this in the Olympic diving pool with Jack Laugher and Chris Mears. Never before has Britain won a diving gold. Not only do these guys train together six days a week, they also live together, share a mortgage and kept an empty photo frame above the mantelpiece in anticipation of their Olympic podium photo together.

We all talk about trust being important, but we rarely share what trust is to us with our family, friends, team mates and colleagues.

We all have a different trust recipe, but at Complete Coherence we believe that trust consists of four key ingredients:

How important each ingredient is to you will be vary from person to person. For example, track record might be very important to you, but personal connection may hold a lower weighting.

Finally, are you a trust giver or a trust earner? Do you give people your trust straightaway until they prove you otherwise, or do they need to earn your trust over a period of time?

Sharing you ‘trust’ recipe with your team will strengthen your relationships. This will propel the team forward, helping them to operate in a more effective way. If you trust your team, you only need to focus on your performance and vice versa.

Jack Laugher and Chris Mears were successful because they had complete trust in each other.

This is the big one. To do it alongside my best friend it is beyond worth it. It is my absolute dream.”

Jack and Chris are a brilliant example of how Taking Responsibility for Understanding Someone Else’s Traits can produce spectacular results.


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Ceri Stokes

Ceri Stokes is dedicated to helping her clients define what makes the greatest difference in the shortest time frame, to deliver their commercial objectives. Ceri has a first class degree in Human Biology and began her career at a Sunday Times Fast track 100 company. Since joining Complete Coherence she has developed into a coach and facilitator, working with clients in academy, team and individual settings.

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