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Become a highly emotional and socially intelligent leader

Become a highly emotional and socially intelligent leader

We’ve explored the misunderstanding that you can take emotions out of business and indeed, explained how emotions are actually essential to decision-making. So, where do you start? What is the first step in changing yourself and becoming a highly emotionally and socially intelligent leader?

As we outlined in “Decision-making relies on emotions”, there are 10 critical emotional and social intelligence (ESQ) capabilities that leaders need to develop. Furthermore some of these capabilities can only be effectively cultivated when the previous level of capability is developed. This means that there is a sequence; you can’t access some of the higher levels until you’ve mastered the basic levels.

So, let’s start at the beginning. Given we know that emotions are composite biological signals, it’s not surprise that Level 1 relates to our bodies:

Level 1 Physiological Awareness: Become aware of your own biological data. A really good place to start is to become more aware of your heart rate variability (HRV) signal. Why this particular signal? Well it is probably one of the most important signals that your body generates. It can predict death[1], illness, energy reserves and brain function[2] . You can do this by tracking your HRV on our CardioSense Trainer which will reveal live how your HRV changes moment by moment, meeting by meeting. But even if you develop awareness of your HRV this awareness in and of itself can be counterproductive if you do not move to Level 2.

Level 2 Physiological Control: Develop the ability to control your HRV signal using rhythmic (not deep) breathing. Again you can use our biofeedback kit or App to make sure you are doing this correctly. It will give you rapid control of your own biology and enable you to completely avoid the ‘brain shut down under pressure’ that most people are susceptible to.

Level 3 Emotional awareness: Once you have stabilised your physiology you now need to move to the next level in the human system which is the whole emotional data set not just one specific signal. Again the first step is to develop awareness of your emotions. Most people when tested are only aware of a dozen or so emotions. There are actually 34,000!

Level 4 Emotional Literacy: Once you have noticed that there is an emotion occurring (and frankly there always is simply because our heart is always beating, our lungs are breathing, our gut is digesting etc.) then you need to develop the ability to discriminate one emotion from another. This is emotional literacy. If you are only aware of 12 out of 34,000 emotions your emotional palette is very poor. Thus you may be feeling negative, but can you identify that emotion as angry, disappointed, sad or helpless?

Being able to discriminate between different emotions is important because the antidote to anger is very different, for example, from the antidote to worthlessness. The purpose of an emotion is to promote action. Get the emotion wrong and you’ll promote the wrong action. If you can more accurately identify the emotion, then you can choose the right response.

So before we even get to level 5 we need to develop our emotional awareness and our emotional literacy. To rapidly accelerate your emotional awareness and literacy we have developed an App to help you.

Our Universe of Emotions app will enable you to begin your journey to great emotional awareness, literacy and set the stage for you to develop your:
• emotional mastery (level 5)
• emotional resilience (level 6)
• self-motivation (level 7)
• optimism (level 8)
• empathy (level 9)
• and finally social intelligence (level 10).


[1] Heart Rate Variability from Short Electrocardiographic Recordings Predicts Mortality from All Causes in Middle-aged and Elderly Men

Heart rate variability from short Electrocardopgraphic recordings predicts mortality

[2] A. Watkins (2013) Coherence: The Secret Science of Brilliant Leadership, Kogan Page, London


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Dr Alan Watkins

Alan is recognised as an international expert on leadership and human performance. He has a broad mix of commercial, academic, scientific and technological abilities.


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