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Consistent high performance

Alan Brown, CEO FTSE 250

Over the last three years I have made a lot of changes in my life. I was frustrated by significant dips in my energy levels through the day that made it difficult to perform consistently in my work and I was unsettled at home.

So there was undoubtedly a ‘burning platform’ for change, even though outwardly it might have appeared that I was relatively successful with a demanding and fulfilling career.

Around that time Alan Watkins came to talk to me about coaching. He was different – very different – and I was intrigued by what Alan said about energy management. He claimed that this was something I could control, rather than my energy levels controlling me. So we embarked on a coaching odyssey. Alan talked, I listened, made notes, experimented and learnt – so far as my energy levels allowed.



Eighteen months on, quite a lot has stuck, in particular:

The biggest change for me has been that I can now operate much more consistently throughout the day and the week. My attention span is much greater. I have always been able to work long hours, but the quality of that work was not consistently high. Today, the quality of my concentration has improved significantly.

Although I’ve made great improvements, I am always learning. I’m thinking about Spiral Dynamics and the Graves model of values and Holocratic governance. They are not easy to put into practice but at the very least they offer insights that can help us as individuals, partners and bosses.

For me, a lot of things came together over a short period of time to make my life fundamentally more rewarding, physically and in particular emotionally but there is still much more to learn.